My Experiance

The benefits I have absorbed from the use of E-cigarettes.

I am an athletic person and practically live my life at the gym to keep healthy and keep sculpting my body.  Ok fine I don’t practically live at the gym, but you get my point.  I try to workout at least 5 days a week.  With that said, it is hard to be a full time smoker and expect to be running and lasting for a long time without the effects of smoking hindering on your workout session.

.E-Cig muscular

NO, I am not that muscular lol.

It was recommended to me by a friend to try an E-cigarette as a substitute for smoking.  At first I was skeptical, I thought what do I have to loose?  $80, $100 or even up to $150 for an E-cigarette and the juice, well that is a lot to loose if I don’t like it.  But little did I know that there are disposable E-cigarettes that can cost about $30 (price of approximately 3-4 packs of cigarettes and can yield enough puffs for an equivalent of 10 packs.)


Not a very pretty picture on the inside of a cigarette smoker.

I wanted to try it out and figured that for about $30 there is not much to be loosing in case I did not like them.  I ordered a box of disposable E-cigarettes and my experience with them has been amazing.  At first it feels a little weird, because you don’t use a lighter, you just simply puff and an LED light at the end lights up when you are puffing, but then you get used to it and quickly see the benefits.  I found it best for me, to substitute every other cigarette with an E-cigarette.  Depending on your smoking habit, each disposable E-cigarette will last more then one smoking session.  My breathing has improved and my runs at the gym are longer and the benefits go on and on.  For those who have had a hard time quitting and would like a healthier way to get the nicotine fix, I recommend giving E-cigarettes a try.  And if you are not ready to go all out, then disposable E-cigarettes might be your best choice.

See how much cigarette smoking costs you bellow, the cost might be another reason to choose an alternative.

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